Kill Yr Ghosts


For the ‘Kill Yr Ghosts’ project local creatives and entrepreneurs were asked to take a thought that has held them back in the past, or one that haunts them to this day and put it to rest. Each thought or 'Ghost' was written on a balloon and then popped; a mini ritual to acknowledge the death of one perspective and the birth of another. This process was captured on instant film. The full collection of photographs and popped balloons will be exhibited at an art installation/pop-up shop on April 25th & 26th in Philadelphia. In addition, the event features the release of APNW’s Spring/Summer 2019 collection, event exclusive merchandise, various mixed-media artwork produced by APNW, as well as a diverse set of live performances by local artists. In a world full of highlight reels and manicured results, the goal was to shine a light on the hidden and often unspoken - to create something unfiltered and show that no matter where you are on your journey, that we all struggle with something, and it is in fact this underlying struggle, that connects us all.


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